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Moving Meditation

Learn how to connect breath, mind & body to create inner peace

Do you have a busy mind?

Are your thoughts all over the place?  


Do you struggle to relax?

Would you like to enjoy the incredible benefits of meditation but know you can't sit still long enough?

For many of us, the biggest obstacle to finding inner peace is that every time our bodies become still our minds become busier than ever!  If we are rushing in a million different directions when we arrive on our mat, it's hard to suddenly stop and be still.  

But there is another way to meditate - while we're moving.  

Moving with intention allows us to take the time to shift into a more meditative state gradually.  When we move in a special way, consciously connecting our breath, mind and body, we create the right environment for inner peace to develop.  


We are so focused that it becomes effortless.

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Move towards inner peace

  • Learn how to consciously connect your breath, mind and body

  • Discover how movement of your body can bring stillness to your mind

  • Discover how flowing movements can allow your body to open more slowly, gently and deeply

  • Develop your ability to move gracefully, and savour every moment of your practice​​

  • Learn how to adapt yoga flow sequences to suit you, so you can create your own moving meditation​​

  • Experience a 'flow state' where you are fully absorbed, highly focused and the mind is at peace

  • Discover how navigating and appreciating your movements on the mat, can teach you valuable lessons about how you approach life off the mat

  • Share this journey with a friendly community who face similar challenges

  • Receive personal support in a small group where you can ask me questions and discuss any challenges​​​​

What will you learn?

In this seven week journey we'll explore a different way of creating a moving meditation each week:

Week 1: Learn a basic flow sequence

Week 2: Awareness of movement

Week 3: Connecting breath & movement

Week 4: Importance of transitions

Week 5: Create your own flow sequence

Week 6: Move into stillness

Week 7: Vinyasa as a metaphor for life

Can't wait to get started?

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How much for inner peace?

Here's what you'll get when you join Moving Meditation today:

  • 7 x 1 hour 15 min yoga classes to learn how to bring your mind to stillness through movement

  • A spacious venue in a central location with free parking

  • Option to join an alternative class (same week or different week) if you miss a class

  • Personal support, guidance and encouragement from me

  • A friendly community of yoga students

All this for:

  • £12 per session - Standard price

  • £14 per session - Supporter price - give back to your community

  • £10 per session - Community price - experiencing financial hardship

Community Supported pricing makes my yoga classes more accessible if you're experiencing financial hardship, and enables those with greater financial resources the opportunity to give back to your yoga community.

Click here for more information and guidance on choosing the price that suits your circumstances.

Do I have to commit to a whole term?

My students experience much greater changes to their mind and body, and find their yoga practice more satisfying, when they commit to a regular practice and complete the full term theme.  That's why I ask you to book a term in advance.  Term bookings also enable me to get to know my students and how I can support them better, and make the most of the limited spaces I have available in each class.

Ready to join us?

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It's decision time!

"We are moving energy.  The process of moving invites us to feel alive"

So what's it to be?

Are you going to keep saying that your mind is just too busy to meditate?

Or are you ready to try a different way to guide yourself to inner peace?

We start Moving Meditation on:​

  • Tuesday 9 April

  • Wednesday 10 April

  • Friday 12 April 

This term is now in progress but if you'd like to join us another time please register your interest below and I'll keep you posted when bookings open for next term!

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