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My fabulous students say

This is what they love about my yoga classes...

Denise Rayner.JPG

Denise Rayner

I always enjoy Anna's classes.  She has a lovely calming presence and explains everything in an easy to follow manner.  

The icing on the cake is being able to attend these classes outdoors which adds to the feeling of calm which lasts long after the class has ended.


Gill White

I really enjoy the mindful focus you have, which I haven’t experienced in other classes and I like that you have a theme for the term. You always have a lovely kind and compassionate tone, and I really look forward to the lesson each week as a highlight.


Judith Herring

I’d just like to say how much Anna has helped me.  All movements are explained with various alternatives so that they are achievable without straining any injury or discomfort, making you feel confident in the poses.


Her gentle tone and encouraging way have helped enormously in building confidence in my yoga. She's helped me get back on form after my back injury


Jo Tate

Having tried yoga in the past and believing it wasn’t for me because I wasn’t ‘the right shape’, finding yoga with Anna was a revelation.


Her calm reassuring manner and options to accommodate my curves mean I can achieve positions successfully and always finish a session feeling relaxed and lighter in body and mind. 

Alex Edwards.jpg

Alex Edwards

Anna's classes are unique.


She challenges our minds, as well as our bodies, creating a soulful experience.

Andy - head shot.jpg

Andy Hallett

I've been pleasantly surprised at how good online yoga classes have worked out for me.


Anna's classes are easy to take part in, she always gives options as you move through the positions to what works for you. Like with exercise....I find a good stretch can be quite addictive!


Would highly recommend you give it a try!

Annie Osborne.jpeg

Annie Osborne

Anna's yoga classes are like nothing I have ever experienced before.


Her voice is angelic and leaves me feeling incredibly 'zen' and relaxed after each and every class. She always makes you feel amazing in every pose and supports you along the way.


Everyone needs to experience Anna Banana Yoga!! 

Bethany Cox.jpg

Bethany Cox

I love Anna’s classes, they are easy to follow and gentle enough for everyone but allow you to push yourself when you want to.


I always feel relaxed, centred and stretched out after!

FM full pic.jpg

Frances Mann

I love the gentle, encouraging style of the classes – and the challenge of more intense positions as we progress.


Lockdown converted me from a sceptic into a regular, I’m delighted to say!

Kourtnie Perry.jpg

Kourtnie Perry

I can't recommend Yoga with Anna enough.


I've been to multiple classes where I felt inadequate, embarrassed and self-conscious especially with the injuries I had.


Anna made me feel relaxed and comfortable immediately and I love that she gives me alternatives for poses without putting me on the spot.

Melissa Alexander.jpg

Melissa Alexander

Anna’s yoga classes are ideal for me, small and friendly, the pace is just right to really learn the poses and get the most benefit from them. 


Leaving you with a calm and positive attitude to go into the week ahead!


Claire Healy

I absolutely love Anna Banana Yoga! 


Being new to yoga, Anna explains every position so well that you don’t need to watch her and I could feel the benefits after the first session.  Her gentle approach is really encouraging and after just a couple of sessions I booked up for the term!  


I feel so much more flexible and supple.

Sally Smith.jpg

Sally Smith

I appreciate that Anna takes the time to assess any physical limitations and take those into consideration during sessions.  There are always alternatives for poses to accommodate these limitations.  


Anna has a particularly soothing voice which immediately allows me to relax and I look forward to my sessions every week.

Jo Easter.jpg

Jo Easter

Anna creates a relaxed but focused environment for her yoga classes.  She is a kind and intuitive teacher. 


I particularly enjoy the themed approach, and the opportunity to build in a reflective element.

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