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Beginner-friendly Classes
Outdoor classes start 23 June!

Gentle Flow

Outdoor Yoga for Everyone
Starts 23 June
Sunday 9.30-10.30am and Thursday 6.30-7.30pm at Insole Court

These classes are designed for complete beginners and people with movement challenges who want to experience the magic of yoga in the great outdoors!

I start from the very beginning, explain the basics, we move slowly and I offer lots of options so you can choose the ones that work best for you.

We'll be guided by the weather - if it's hot we'll spend more time stretching and relaxing, if it's cool we'll keep our bodies moving but I promise you won't be left behind!

If you find sitting on the floor uncomfortable, you can do the whole session standing or bring a fold-up chair for the seated sections.

If I have to cancel a class due to bad weather, you can transfer to another outdoor class or get a refund.

Want to be first to hear when bookings open?  Register your interest below and I'll keep you posted.

Special offer for 23 & 27 June - book your space and bring a friend for FREE!

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Yoga for Everyone
Tuesday 5.45-7pm and 7.10-8.25pm at Radyr Methodist Church
Wednesday 6.40
-7.55pm at Llandaff Memorial Hall
Friday 10-11.15am at St John's Church Hall Danescourt

These classes are designed to be accessible to everyone and suitable for complete beginners.  No matter what your age, size, gender, injuries or movement challenges you're welcome to join us.  

Our physical yoga practice (asana) will focus on moving your whole body, and strengthening as well as stretching.  I offer plenty of options for each position, including practising in a chair, so you can choose the ones that suit you best.

We also practice yoga that is naturally more accessible, including mindfulness, meditation, pranayama (breath & energy), chanting, mudra (hand gestures), and learning how to incorporate yoga into our everyday lives.

Find out more about our theme for June-July term: Breathe Easy

If you've been to my classes before: You're welcome to book any one off classes you like but I'd encourage you to join us as early in the term as possible so you don't miss the basics!

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Beginners Course
Wednesdays 10.00-11.15am The Parish Hall Danescourt (starts 10 April 2024)

This 6 week course is designed for complete beginners, people with injuries, bigger bodies and movement challenges - and anyone else who thinks they can't do yoga!  

It's a step by step introduction to nourish your mind, body and soul, without feeling confused, uncomfortable or left behind.

We will start at the very beginning to understand what yoga is all about and how it can help you.  You'll discover how to adapt yoga positions (asana) with plenty of options to suit you including practising in a chair.  You'll also learn about other yoga practices that are naturally more accessible including mindfulness, meditation and breathing (pranayama).

Click here to find out all about the course.

This is the perfect course if:

  • You've never done yoga before and want to start from the very beginning

  • You've only done a few yoga sessions before, or not done yoga for a long time and want a reminder of the basics


This course is now finished, but please register your interest below and I'll keep you posted on future courses!

My fabulous students say


Claire Healy

I absolutely love Anna Banana Yoga! 


Being new to yoga, Anna explains every position so well that you don’t need to watch her and I could feel the benefits after the first session.  Her gentle approach is really encouraging and after just a couple of sessions I booked up for the term!  


I feel so much more flexible and supple.

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