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Breathe Easy

Use the power of your breath to boost your health every day!

Starts from Tuesday 4 June

Limited spaces - save yours today!

How deep is your breath?

When we're born we breathe deeply naturally, allowing our belly to expand and chest to rise as we inhale and contract as we exhale.

But over time, many of us become shallow chest breathers - inhaling through our mouth, holding our breath and taking in less air.

Do your shoulders slump forward?

Do you have neck pain and headaches?

Are you stuck in a state of stress?

Is your sleep disrupted?

Are you getting ill more often and taking longer to recover?

Are you struggling to think straight?

Do you have high blood pressure and heart rate?

All of these symptoms could be caused by shallow breathing, which can seriously affect our health in the long term!

You breathe every day.  

So if you can learn how to breathe well, and use the power of your breath to boost your mental and physical health, you have a practice that will benefit you every single day for the rest of your life!

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Discover your breath

  • Discover why your breath is so important and how it affects your mind and body

  • Become more aware of your natural breath patterns

  • Learn how to breathe more deeply and fully

  • Develop your ability to coordinate your breath and your movements

  • Learn how to listen to your breath and use it to guide your practice

  • Discover breathing practices (pranayama) to support you with challenges in your everyday life

  • Use your breath as a bridge to meditation

  • Share this journey with a friendly community who face similar challenges

  • Receive personal support in a small group where you can ask me questions and discuss any challenges​​​​

What will you learn?

In this eight week journey we'll explore different ways to become aware of and use our breath each week:

Week 1: Discover your breath

Week 2: Lengthen & smooth your breath

Week 3: Find release with your breath

Week 4: Combine breath & sound

Week 5: Pause between breaths

Week 6: Heating & cooling breaths

Week 7: Balancing breath

Week 8: Find your own way with your breath

Can't wait to get started?

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How much to breathe easy?

Here's what you'll get when you join Breathe Easy today:

  • 8 x 75 min yoga classes to learn how to use the power of your breath

  • A spacious venue in a central location with free parking

  • Option to join an alternative class (same week or different week) if you miss a class

  • Personal support, guidance and encouragement from me

  • A friendly community of yoga students

All this for:

  • £12 per session - Standard price

  • £14 per session - Supporter price - give back to your community

  • £10 per session - Community price - experiencing financial hardship

Community Supported pricing makes my yoga classes more accessible if you're experiencing financial hardship, and enables those with greater financial resources the opportunity to give back to your yoga community.

Click here for more information and guidance on choosing the price that suits your circumstances.

Do I have to commit to a whole term?

My students experience much greater changes to their mind and body, and find their yoga practice more satisfying, when they commit to a regular practice and complete the full term theme.  That's why I ask you to book a term in advance.  Term bookings also enable me to get to know my students and how I can support them better, and make the most of the limited spaces I have available in each class.  

If there are still spaces available a few days before the term starts I will offer the option to book one-off classes for £14-£16 per session.  Make sure you're on my mailing list if you want to hear about one-off bookings!

Ready to join us?

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It's decision time!

"When you feel like life is out of focus, always return to the basics of life.  No breath, no life."

- Mr Miyagi

So what's it to be?

Are you going to keep ignoring your breath and its impact on your mental and physical health?

Or are you ready to discover the power of your breath to change your life?

We start Breathe Easy on:​

  • Tuesday 4 June

  • Wednesday 5 June

  • Friday 7 June 

There are limited spaces and classes can and do get fully booked, so if you have a favourite class and know you want to join us save your space today!

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