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 5 week Beginners Course

A step by step introduction to get you back to a happy mind and body, without feeling confused, uncomfortable or left behind!

Starts Friday 29 April 9:30-10:30 at Homewood Road Church

LAST CHANCE - this may be the final time I run this course

Nervous about taking the first step?

I get it.

After the past 2 years living through the pandemic you're feeling stressed and anxious.  You've been so busy looking after everyone else you've had no time to take care of yourself.  And you've got the aches, pains, stiffness and exhaustion to prove it.  

You know that yoga could be just what you need to release all that tension built up in your mind and body.


everyone you've seen doing yoga is young, skinny, bendy and fit so how will you be able to get yourself into the same shapes?

I've got a secret to share with you:

Yoga is NOT about what you can or can't do with your body.

I know that's hard to believe when all you see are yoga teachers doing crazy acrobatic poses on clifftops, but there are so many hidden layers that never get mentioned in most yoga classes - even for beginners.

I'm here to reveal these secrets and show you that yoga is about SO much more than the shapes we make.


If you can breathe, you can do yoga with me.


Find out what yoga is REALLY all about!

  • Get back to a happy mind & body in 2022 

  • Start at the very beginning to understand what yoga is all about and how it can help you

  • Discover how to adapt yoga poses to suit you, with plenty of options to suit even the most inflexible, wobbly and uncoordinated students!


  • Learn how to build flexibility and strength, and ease aches, pains and stiffness 

  • Learn how to let go of stress and anxiety, and achieve a calmer, more peaceful state of mind


  • Join a friendly community of beginners who are all in the same boat, so we can laugh and learn together

  • Receive personal support, guidance and encouragement from me in this small group, where you can ask questions and discuss any challenges to make your introduction to yoga as smooth as possible!

  • Finish the course knowing you understand the basics of yoga, and can attend any yoga class with confidence​​​

What will you learn?

In this five week face to face course I'll introduce you to the world of yoga, step by step.  

Week 1: Physical poses

Learn how to get into the basic yoga positions, stay strong and stable, and increase your flexibility.

Week 2: Breath

Discover the incredible power of the breath in yoga, explore different ways to breathe, and learn how to use it to support you in the poses.

Week 3: Focus and Balance

You'll be amazed at how our eyes can help us get into the poses in yoga, and find that all important balance!

Week 4: Strength

Uncover the magic tricks that build your strength from the inside, making challenging poses seem like a breeze.

Week 5: Flow

Bring together everything you've learnt so far, discovering how to find the flow in your breath and movements, and bring stillness to your busy mind.


Can't wait to get started?


But I still don't think I can do it...

I'm worried about messing up in front of everyone and feeling like an idiot

You're not alone!  If you knew everything about yoga and could do it all, there would be no point you doing this course.  Your fellow students will be concentrating so hard on what they're doing they won't notice what you're up to, so we can all mess up, laugh and carry on knowing we're amongst friends!

I can't sit still and I think I'll be bored

When we're so used to rushing around it's hard to slow down!  That's why I'll ease you in gradually, making sure there's plenty of movement and always something to focus on, with the opportunity for more stillness when you're ready for it.  Even my most restless students learn to love my guided relaxations!

I don't have anything to wear!

You don't need yoga clothes to do yoga - a t-shirt and jogging bottoms works fine as long as you're comfortable and can move around easily.

I tried yoga before and I had a bad experience

I'm really sorry to hear that - it obviously wasn't the right introduction for you.  But would you give up on eating at restaurants just because you had a bad experience at one restaurant?  This course is different, and it's designed to make people who have been confused, uncomfortable and left behind at other yoga classes feel right at home.

I don't feel like I have a 'yoga body'

Yoga is NOT about what you can or can't do with your body.  This course will show you that it's so much more than that and everyone (yes, even you) has a yoga body!

I'm concerned about COVID-19

I am taking extra precautions to make sure everyone coming to my classes feels as safe as possible:

  • Windows open during every class

  • Student numbers limited so there's plenty of space

  • Don't attend if you or anyone you've been in close contact with has COVID-19 or symptoms

So now you know you CAN do yoga, what are you waiting for?​

COVID-19 precautions

What do my students say?

 "Thank you for a lovely introduction into yoga. I really enjoyed your beginners course, loved your teaching style and was so happy that I could follow your instructions. I especially loved the relaxations."

- Julie Sissons 

Why did you choose this course?

"I wanted to try yoga & was delighted to find a class for total beginners. It was a perfect introduction to see if it was for me. I was worried about the breathing techniques and this was covered in the class."

What did you enjoy most?

"The feeling of stretching out my body letting go of tension, being calm and focusing on my breathing in a supportive atmosphere." 

"The patience and friendliness of Anna. So encouraging with great, clear instructions so I knew what I was supposed to be doing. A beautiful, relaxed setting."

How did the course help you?

"The course has had a big impact on my breathing which has improved my mindfulness. I feel more relaxed and look forward to every class."

"It has helped me to relax & focus on just that special time for me within the crazy life I lead."

Would you say to others thinking about joining this course?

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this class. I would tell anyone to go for it, I’m so pleased I did."

"I would most definitely recommend. It was a great introduction into the world of yoga."

"I would definitely recommend. The atmosphere is very relaxed, friendly and non judgemental."

*Quotes from recent anonymous survey

Sound good?  Come and join us!

Copy of Beginners Course - student photos.png

How much for a happy mind & body?

Here's what you'll get when you join my Beginners Course today:

  • 5 x 1 hour yoga sessions

  • Use of yoga blocks & straps to make positions more comfortable

  • A spacious modern venue in a convenient St Albans location with free parking

  • Personal support, guidance and encouragement from me

  • A friendly community of Beginner yoga students just like you!

All this for just £65 - only £13 per session!

Still not sure?

I don't want unhappy yoga students, so I'll even offer you a 90-day money back guarantee.  

If you don't feel that you've mastered the basics of yoga and noticed positive changes in your mind and body by the end of the course I'll give you a full refund*.

*Students must attend all 5 sessions to be eligible for refund.

It's decision time!

So what's it to be?

Do you want to keep battling on with your stress, anxiety, aches and pains, hoping they'll magically disappear? 

Or are you brave enough to take the first step into the world of yoga with me, and discover the incredible benefits for your mind and body?

We start on Friday 29 April and to make sure this is a consistent group, I won't be accepting new students after the course begins.  

This is a very popular course and there is only one space left!

Having welcomed over 60 students to the world of yoga in the past 6 months I'll be taking a break over Summer and don't know when or if I'll be running this course again, so this may be your last chance to start your yoga journey with me!

If you don't want to miss this final opportunity, join us today!

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