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Happy Neck, Back & Shoulders

In support of communities in South Asia being devastated by Covid-19

Do the recording as many times as you like until end of June!


Are you feeling sore or stiff?

Do you hunch over when you're sitting or slouch on the sofa?

Do you find tension creeping into your neck and shoulders when you're stressed?

Do you have old injuries that still bother you?

Join me for this deep dive into the neck, back & shoulders.

Learn some juicy stretches for the upper body, to help you get to the bottom of those aches and pains.  Discover the power of the breath in releasing tension from the body and mind.

We'll spend most of our time seated or lying down, you can sit in a chair or stand if that's more comfortable, and you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

This session is for you if: you can't remember the last time your neck, back and shoulders felt fantastic! 

I'm running this session to raise funds for the British Red Cross Appeal supporting communities in India, Nepal and South Asia being devastated by Covid-19.


You can choose your donation of £10, £15 or £20 when you book.  All funds received will go directly to the charity.

Thank you for your generosity.​

Would you like to...

  • Give your neck, back & shoulders a well deserved pamper session?

  • Release aches, pains and tension in the upper body to leave you feeling light as a feather?


  • Learn stretches that you can repeat to manage soreness, stiffness and tension?


  • Be guided to a calmer and more peaceful state of mind?

  • End the week with a smile?

Yes?  Then I'd love you to join me for Happy Neck, Back & Shoulders.


Extra bonuses

As well as 1 hour of juicy stretches, I'll also send you:

  • A recording of the session so you can repeat it as many times as you like for one month!

  • A guide to setting up your home yoga space and making your own yoga props

  • A playlist of my favourite Indian yoga music you can use during and after the session

And you can get all this for a donation of just £10.

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